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PF Claim Forms for the Employees Provident Fund

The Employee Provident fund scheme 1952 Claim forms are for final settlement by member Form 19. For withdrawl in certain case Form 31 and For transfer of old PF account to the new PF account Form 13 and for finnancing LIC policy Form 14. Finally for the final settlement in favour of niominee /beneficiary of a deceased member Form 20.

The Employee Pension scheme 1995 Claim forms  are for getting monthly pension Form 10 D and withdrawl Pf Benefit and the scheme certificate Form 10 c.

The Employee Deposit Linked Insurance scheme 1976 Claim forms are , for claiming insurance benefit by a beneficiary or nominee in case of PF member death while in service Form 51F

Details about PF Claim Form 19 

Details about PF Claim Form 13

Details about PF Claim Form 31 

Details about PF Claim Form 14 

Details about PF Claim Form 20

Details about PF Claim Form 10D 

Details about PF Claim Form 10C 

Details about PF Claim Form 51F 


To be submitted along with application form31 for purpose of a dwelling site/house/flat or re-construction of dwelling house, or flat or addition/alteration of the dwelling house.

kindly do not enclose any document with the declaration form

Name of the member

Provident fund account number

I/ complete address of the dwelling site/ dwelling house or flat of house under construction for which withdrawl is applied for.
--- Name and address of the owner of plot/ house from whom purchased / agreement executed.

--- Survey no. /plot no/ khattano / regist, no. and the year of the Title deed
--- Boundary ( East/west/north/south)
---area of site and house

Authority which approved site plan with reference no. and date.

Estimate of value of property/house/flat or estimated cost of construction/addition/alteration.

Whether withdrawl for housing was availed previously, if so the amount, date of sanction, purpose ete…

Permission/license no. for construction issued by local authority with name of local body in the area of construction

1. I above said site/house under construction is free from all encumbrances. I under take that house/site/flat is registered in my name or my spouses name-------- or is jointly in the name with my spouse----- (given aname)
Signature of the member

Signature of the employer  With seal

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