Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PF EDLI Benefits - The Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme 1976(EDLI)

Definition of PF scheme EDLI-1976 :-

In this scheme, unless the context otherwise requires 
a) ACT means the Emploees Provident funds and miscellaneous provision act,1952
b) Assurance benefit means a payment linked to the average balance in the provident fund account of an employee payable to a person belonging to his family or otherwise entitled to it in the event of death of the employee while being a member of the fund.
c) All other words and expressions used herein but not defined shall the meaning respectively assigned to them in the act or Employees provident funds scheme 1952. this scheme shall be administrated by the central board constituted under section 5A of the Act.
d) The provisions of theis scheme shall com into force on the 1 day of August 1976.

PF - Epfo Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Schemes Benefits are according to the revised plan, the maximum benefit under the scheme Rs 1,30,000 contribution can be paid upto the maximum limit of wages under this scheme Rs.6500. Family get twenty times of the average salary of the last 12 months of member. This benefit given only incase of death of an employee who is member of the scheme at the time of the death.

PF - Epfo Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Schemes Nominations under the EPF scheme will be applicable for the EDLI scheme also.

Mode of payment of contribution :-The contribution by the employer shall be remitted by him together with administrative charges at such rate as the Central Government may fix from time to time under sub-section 4 of Section 6C of the Act, to the Insurance Fund within fifteen days of the close of every month by a separate bank draft or cheque or by remittance in cash in such manner as may be specified in this behalf by the Commissioner. The cost of remittance if any, shall be borne by the employer. 

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